DH2SAV Locator:JN48QU

Hello my Name is Peter  DH2SAV

My Adress:

  Schönblickstraße 21

71364 Winnenden 

send me a E-Mail dh2sav at gmx.de for contact.





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Visiting by DL6SH Slawek

WOW! big Dish by Slawek DL6SH

For 23cm EME Sun noise over 20dB.


Second Operator
Second Operator

New PA for 13cm 28V 18Amp´s

Behind my Village Breuningsweiler 450m NN high 20km Northeast from Stuttgart.

More Picture´s from my QTH are in the Menue " My QTH 360°View"

Winter 2013
Winter 2013
Spring May 2012
Spring May 2012