DX 23/24.09.13 Monday/Thursday

September new time for DX

vy fine cond. to north-west here

on 1296.210 and 1296.195MHz


G3YPQ/p from IO70SS new Squere mny tks Phil 1014km!!

F1ISM      loc. JN09VK 59   Gui                         556km

G0UAV  in IO80FK  55        Paul                        946km

G4BEL   in JO02BI  55           Roger                   760km

G4RGK   in IO91ON   59        Dave                     783km

G0KLX   in IO91TN   52         John                     756km

G4KIY    in IO92WN   55        Keith                    785km

G4MKF  in IO91HJ    51      Malcolm                   816km

F6ANW in  JN06FQ   52                                    709km

DK6IJ   in JN49EC  59                                        79km

G0UHY in IO80FJ 59+ Malcolm                           945km

HB9BBD in JN47EE 59 Dominik                            200km

LX2LA in JN39CP 59+  Andre                              247km

2E0JJM in IO91TM 55  only 10W                         755km


Next DX Day 24.09.13

first on 23cm only one very weak station on 23cm

so must take 13cm on 2320.210MHz hi hi

thank you for vy good QSO´s


PE9GHZ in JO11WM 5/9 very strong Eddi 491km

G4KIY in IO92WN 5/3    Keith                  785km

G4BEL in JO02BI 5/2 Roger                     760km

G3UVR in IO83KH 5/1  Denis                   1003km ODX!!

G3XDY in JO02OB 5/5 John                    679km

DC1UR in JN49BI  5/9+     Helmuth           107km mny tks 73´s

DX 01.03.2013


Friday Evening next opening to UK.

Many thanks to all QRV Station´s for this Evening.

 23cm worked Stations:

G4KUX  in IO94BP   1006km ODX!! Mode LSB?? first54 sec. QSO 59

G3UVR  in IO83KH   1003km Denis CW  hrd529

G4KIY   in IO92WN    785km Keith SSB

G8EOP  in IO93EQ     934km Mel   SSB

G8VHI   in IO92FM     870km         SSB

GW8ASD in IO83LB     986km Tony SSB

G4KCT  in IO93LW     916km         SSB

G4DHF  in IO93UU     871km         SSB with 5Watts!!


mny 73´s to all

by by Peter




DX 15/16.11.2012

Super cond. Beacon´s RX:

GB3MHL,GB3USK,PI7ALK,PI7QHN,OZ5SHF,DB0VC,DB0MJ,DB0YI,OK0EA and much more with Signals 599 and more!


Station´s worked all in SSB .


GW8ASD IO83LB  23cm                                           986km

G4HGI    IO83PL  23cm only 3 Watt in SSB congrats!   986km

G0EWN   IO93FK 23cm                                            915km

G4BEL    JO02BI 23cm                                            760km

G8GXP    IO93FQ 23cm                                           929km

G8EOP    IO93EQ 23cm                                           934km

F1ISM     JN09VK 23cm                                           556km

LX1JX     JN30AB 23cm                                           276km

G3XDY    JO02OB 23/13cm                                      679km

G4NBS    JO02AF 23/13cm                                      759km

G0KLX     IO91TN 23cm                                           756km

G4CBW    IO83UB 23cm                                           941km

G3UVR    IO83KH 23cm                           1003km ODX today

LX2LA     JN39CP 23cm                                            247km

M0SDA    IO83QK 23cm                                            979km

PE1KXY   JO22HI 23cm                                            514km

G3ZEZ     JO01NT 23cm                                           672km

LX2RV     JN39AO 23cm                                           257km

PE2TV     JO23GH 23cm                                           534km

OZ2OE    JO45VV 23/13cm                                       784km

DK9TF     JO31TF 23cm                                            330km

DC6UW    JO44VJ 23/13cm                                       617km

DL1SUZ    JO53UN 23cm                                          549km


DX Oktober 21-23.10.2012

OK0EA Beacon hrt 559 JO70UP 497km!

OK0EL Beacon hrt 579 JO70SQ 488km!

PI7ALK Beacon hrt 589 JO22IP  535km!

PI7QHN Beacon hrt 559 JO22KH 499km!


Mny new and old Station´s on QRG

ODX to East HA2ML JN97CO  Report hrd 52 SSB 669km new # congrats.


All Station´s on 23/13cm mny tks for Contact and 73´s.

DX Sept. 06.09.2012


GB3MHL/B very gd sign here with 589 JO02PB 674km normal 519 QSB

GB3USK/B new beacon with 559 hr IO81QJ !900km! super.


G3TCT hrt in CW  with 519 congrats  IO81QC 893km many thank`s

for the new # Graham

G6HIE  in SSB  IO90SU 739km.

G3XDY  in SSB JO02OB 679km.

G4EAT in SSB JO01HR 699km.

Thank´s for this nice DX Evening and good luck on all Band´s best 73´s